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Continually transmit the latest images of our Moon

LSC operates as a global platform for public awareness of the Moon and its resources, broadcasting in real time. The company offers various products and services, including LSC News, Moon Hacker and MoonWatcher, a mobile application that enables user to broadcast and watch video live of the Moon. In addition, the company offers a set of tools, public APIs, and embeddable widgets for developers to contribute their content to its platform, and syndicate and distribute LunarStation content across their properties and enhance their Websites and applications with Lunar Station content. Further, it provides subscription access to its public data feed for data partners. 

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Launch our MoonWatcher Constellation in less than 3 years

Each MoonWatcher Satellite is built on the latest technology platforms available and using the latest innovations in compact electronics that can perform in space.

We are deploying a constellation of MoonWatcher satellites that will provide the most complete coverage of the Moon from every angle for your viewing enjoyment.

You will see all the action happening on the Moon as its happening.  Missions taking off and landing, surface explorations, and meteorites impacting the surface of the Moon from time to time.



The new race for the Moon is on!!

Did you know there 37+ missions booked to the Moon and these missions will begin in 2018?

  • The Google Lunar X-Prize race is set to complete in 2018 and the 5 remaining teams have purchased their rides to the Moon.

  • Space-X is planning a human tourism flight around the Moon in 2018.

  • Private space companies have built their landers and now scheduling payload deliveries to the Moon for their customers.

The Moon is hot again because many different organizations are better able to fund, plan, build and execute their own missions in shorter periods of time than in the past.

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